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tv   MONEY With Melissa Francis  FOX Business  October 16, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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third quarter. pretty decent chart year-to-date. david: it will be interesting to see what happens to citi tomorrow after all these changes. initially when the word got out that vikram pandit was ousted, the stock went down and recovered nicely. after-hours it is trading down just a tick. we'll keep our eye on bank of america and citi to see what happens with the transition. liz: meantime, "money with melissa francis" is next. we'll see you tomorrow. melissa: i'm melissa francis and here's what's "money" tonight. county to the second presidential debate. mitt romney is i had rooing high. can president obama knock him out of his saddle? "money" has the top three things it watch for tonight. plus sanctions have crippled iran's oil industry and made their currency basically worthless. now the real knockout blow comes. iranian tv stations are going to black. we're going to explain that. super bowl fans, caviar, martian pizza, pottery,
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sound like the worst disney movie i ever heard of. in reality they are some of what is costing $19 billion in wasteful government spending. we have got the painful details. even when they say it's not, it is always about money. melissa: first, let's take a look at the day's market headlines. stocks posting strong gains for the second straight day. goldman sachs and johnson & johnson reported better-than-expected earnings. and homebuilder confidence hit a six-year high. the dow closed up 127 points. shares of ibm under pressure after-hours. the company released third quarter earnings just a short time ago. the company missed revenue estimates while slightly beating profit expectations. apple sending out invites to an october 23rd event in california. the company is widely expected to debut an ipad mini device. shares of apple rose more
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than 2% following the news. a citigroup conference call is going on right now following the ouster of vikram pandit from the bank's top spot. new ceo michael corbat and chairman michael o'neill are currently on the line. we'll have more on that shortly. we have adam shapiro on the call. he will join us with all the details. our top story tonight the second presidential debate kicks off in just a few hours. this time around it will be town hall-style with actual voters asking the candidates their burning questions. here with a preview is our very own neil cavuto. neil, i noted today both you and lou dobbs are pretty suspicious of the undecided voters out in the audience. how come? >> i don't know. if you had a chance, melissa to be invited to a debate but the condition was you have to be an undecided voter, all right, count me an undecided voter. you know what i mean? i don't want to sound overly jaded but it is a little
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suspicious. there will be 80 undecided voters sitting in that audience tonight asking questions. i'm not casting aspersions. for all i know they might be genuinely undecided. we know in this election year there are very few are. melissa: i didn't think there were 80 all together who are. >> right. melissa: what do you expect the theme and the tenor to be tonight? it is obviously a very different setup. you know, romney is coming off this performance last time as we said he is riding high. president obama has to find a way to sort of knock him out of the saddle but at the same time it is such a different format. >> it is a very different, yeah it's a very different format. so for the president it puts him at a bit more of a box because he is chomping at the bit to come out of the gate just swinging but it's a weird format, melissa, because, you're actually responding, let's say to, you know, a guy who might have just lost his job and he is there with another woman who has just seen her pay cut and they are asking
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questions what are you going to do for me? how will you make sure my kid are protected in the event. you could easily pivot off that and make an indictment of your opponent. this is the set if you're watching live in there as they're getting ready. it is very tough for you to be angry there. furthermore the people in that room resent it when you get too angry. people at home presumably resent it when you get too angry. it robs the president of the opportunity or the chance to sort of score some points here. that's why i don't expect any knockdowns tonight as much as a draw which would probably be to mitt romney's advantage if that were the case but we'll see. melissa: yeah. just looking at just the format, who do you think it favors? because you know i've actually heard both sides criticized for not being able to relate to ordinary people. so who do you think it really favors? >> i don't know about that, melissa. they're both pretty good doing this.
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mitt romney had a lot more practice. talking to you and lori earlier today on this notion he has been campaigning a nonstop, doing a lot of panels with folks all over the country, sometimes even getting angry with them. melissa: okay. >> barack obama when he ran for president favored these venues. he did well with them. he is a little rusty. argument for the format the advantage goes to governor romney. his people won't say that. they will try to undersell themselves and afterward say they should be nuclear physicists. melissa: neil, you've done 10 million in these things, you're the big cheese, expert, man on the spot what is going behind the scenes there? give me some dirt? did you see anyone trying to sabotage the other side? give me something juicy. >> the other financial network borders on tawdry but i'm not going to talk about them because we're bigger than that. i'm telling you tacky. i'll leave it at that. they have us all penciled in
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together next to each other. you could fit a sheet of paper. unfortunately i have a very thin crew. benny is fit as a fiddle. you're a fat crewmember you're doomed. hosts are another thing. crewmembers there is no room. they're squeezed n. everyone is getting along. the mad rush will be afterwards when everyone fights for the big guests. we get them because i'm bigger than the other hosts and i sit on them until they come on. that works. melissa: i like that. you should bring neil along. i broke a toe at opec meeting because somebody stomped on me. i could be your sidekick. >> opec, that is my call. all right. melissa: we'll do it next time. >> you got it. melissa: neil cavuto. i will watch every minute. you kick off our special coverage of tonight's presidential debate starting 8:00 p.m. eastern. joining him will be some of the biggest names in business and politics, including chuck schwab, founder of charles schwab,
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and louisiana governor bobby jindal. i can't wait to see that. what do we expect from the candidates as they get in the ring for their rematch? "money" put together a list. first on our list or "money"'s list. can governor romney connect with voters? can he win over the women vote? will he keep momentum from the first debate? those are the burning questions. joining us with his take carlos gutierrez former secretary of commerce and romney your row fat. >> great to be here. melissa: talk about the first question connecting with voters. that is talking about connecting with voters in the audience and connecting with voters who are there. how does he do that? what tips could you give him? >> i think as you know, what people want are three things. mastery of the details, presence, presidential presence, and humanity. i think that governor romney
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has, you know, from the convention, i think he has added humanity to a very strong skillset of masterying details and having tremendous presence. i think he has it all. i think he showed it in the debate. i think he will show it again. he has been preparing. he has been studying. he is just growing into the job every single day. melissa: that is a tough balance you're talking about. he has to be presidential as you said but he has to be human. he can't be aloof. >> right. melissa: that can be hard to put together. our second question was about the women's vote which is a place where he had been lagging. he needs to make up some ground. what do you think he could do to connect to women?% >> well he has promised that he will deliver to improve the economy, to be energy independent by 2020.
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therefore gasoline prices will come down and we'll be an exporter. to champion small businesses. to lower taxes. to stop all the regulations that are killing jobs. i would think that a strong economy is extremely appealing for both men and women. i'll tell you something. what happened yesterday with secretary of state hillary clinton is the kind of thing that governor romney didn't really have to do but i, i think the nation is shocked that the president would throw his secretary of state under a wuss. melissa: do you think that america perceives it that way, cares about that level of detail, is focus on this issue? >> yeah. melissa: even if that is what happened do you think women voters are out there saying i need more money in my bank account so i can take care of my kid and pay
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my bills? >> you're right. economy is number one but boy character is important. melissa: yeah. >> this isn't the only time it has happened but there is a pattern in this administration of not taking responsibility 6 for anything. it is always somebody else's fault. this is the epitome of that, when that someone happens to be a very senior officer. melissa: and women as well. maybe you noticed that. before you go, how does he keep the momentum from the first debate? he set the bar very high. overwhelming majority of both people on both side said he won the debate, it was such a great performance. that is hard to liver up to? >> he stays on the offensive. he keeps up on the offensive. there is so much to go after the administration they failed at. their numbers. their unmet promises. the way they have handled foreign policy. the way he handled domestic
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policy. he can continue going on the offensive with great mastery of the details. melissa: okay. >> with great presidential presence and with the humanity he has naturally. melissa: okay. we'll see. thanks for coming on. we appreciate your time. >> appreciate it. bye. melissa: "money" is not letting the president off the hook. we have another list of what to watch for. first, can president obama connect with voters in the town hall format? can he turn around the first debate performance in this format? can he contain the negative impact of benghazi? we were just talking about that. we turn to skirs ten powers, fox news political analyst. kirsten, thanks for coming back on the show. >> great to be here. melissa: let's dive right in. relating to voters in this town hall format. you heard carlos gutierrez talk about, i think it applies to both of them, trying to be presidential without being aloof while still being human. how do you think he strikes that balance? >> it is always funny hoping that the president will act like a human being, you know? he has, he has an issue with
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being aloof with voters. he typically does better if giving a speech and getting good feedback from the audience. when he has to do one-on-one empathizing he doesn't do well. the good news for him, neither does mitt romney. both of them have a little bit of a deficit in this area, when you look at polls people are more likely to think president obama actually relates to them and cares about them than they are that mitt romney does. in a way mitt romney has a higher bar on this issue i think than president obama does with the voters. melissa: okay. how does he turn around the perception of what happened in the first debate in this format? >> yeah. melissa: because he just can't come out swinging which would sort of be the antidote for the first debate because it is not that sort of setup. how does he achieve what he wants to do in this format? >> it won't be hard for him to do better than he did in the last debate because he was so disengaged and came off like he didn't want to be there. he had very sort of weak
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body language and weak answers. he will do better. i can't imagine he will not do better. ttere is really a lot riding on this because the polls have started to really shift towards mitt romney because of the debate. i think most people agree that what happened was mitt romney, voters, are unhappy with the trajectory of the country. nobody would dispute that. and they saw at that debate apalternative. up until that debate they hadn't seen an alternative. they heard from the obama campaign about this terrible robber baron who doesn't care about them. and they portrayed him, mitt romney as this really bad person and he showed up and he was likeable and knew what he was talking about. so the president tonight has a very high bar. he has to convince people that mitt romney is not an alternative to him and convince them he should keep his job. melissa: yeah. how much does you have to focus on benghazi? because inside political circles, certainly inside military circles, foreign
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relations, everybody is very focused on this. >> right. melissa: i'm not totally convinced average american, as important as it is and as serious and tragic those events were, i'm not totally convinced the average american is that focused on benghazi. >> yeah. melissa: do you think he needs to address that or stay away from it? what advice would you give him? >> i think you're right very few people are focus on that. it is not something, foreign policy overall people are voting on but, if i was barack obama i wouldn't bring it up certainly but, if it comes up he need to handle it well. and i think what you see what the administration is it doing, they, they're not, necessarily like hillary clinton came out and took responsibility for the attacks. i think they're sort of trying to turn this into a story about the state department screwing up as if just this little isolated incident when of course it is a much, much bigger story than that. and so i think if you're the president he will try to reassure people that everything is under control and yes, maybe some mistakes
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were made or, there is an investigation going on but i would expect him to be fairly vague and not move the ball any further down the field than it is right now. melissa: kirsten, thanks so much for your input. >> thank you. great being here. melissa: hear is the question of the day. what question would you ask the candidates in tonight's town hall? we want to hear what you think. like us on or follow me on twitter at melissaafrancis. we like what you said so far. give us some more. vikram pandit gets kicked to the curb by citigroup. does michael corbat stand a chance fixing the megabank? i don't know. it will be tough job. iran cutting the cord on the country's tv stations. oh, no! we have details coming up. ♪ . ♪
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melissa: citigroup's conference call with the new ceo, michael corbat and michael o'neill ending moments ago. the shockwaves from vikram
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pandit's ouster are beginning. adam, want to start with you. you popped off the call. we were talking about it in the commercial break. what was the most surprising thing you heard? >> that michael o'neill was trying to make it seem as if there was no big deal. this was simple transition to one or the other. are you captain of the concordia or captain of the qe3 here? they tried to pass this off, look, we've been looking for a possible new ceo for two years. melissa: you don't buy it? >> charlie gasparino has been reporting all day from fox business from sources he has tied to people in the board that pandit was ousted. melissa: what do you think? >> adam and charlie are both dead right, obviously because they have the ear to the ground. you don't jolt the market with an unexpected announcement on no notice of effective immediate resignation of the ceo and coo if it is something that is planned. and citigroup would be better off, if they would stop with the spin and just
5:21 pm
start some straight talk which they haven't done for a long time. melissa: what do you think the fight was over? a lot of people have said today he made $15 million last year. that is outrageous when the stockpiles price, is down 90% during his tenure. a lot of that is the financial crisis. do you think it was about compensation or what do you think? >> yeah, shareholder revolt. 55% voted against his pay package. he was paid $165 million what he made from the sale of his hedge fund. melissa: old lane. >> they talked about performance. let's be honest here. performance has not been great. melissa: one of the worst charts i've seen. >> he said he saved the bank from bankruptcy. no the u.s. taxpayer saved the bank from bankruptcy. melissa: why would anyone want this job? it is roo little -- really hard to run a bank right now. everything going on with dodd-frank. government trying to limit
5:22 pm
your tease. citigroup has been run into the gutter. why would you want to take this over? >> one hand it is a good question. it is not regulation or the government. melissa: not helping. >> let's face it. the management of citigroup ran it into the ditch and caused what adam pointed out the biggest bailout of any financial institution, $475 billion in total. they have been trying to dig out of a very big hole they created for themselves due to their reckless conglomeration of business. >> what -- [inaudible] >> the issue whether or not somebody will take the job to go along with this too big to fail right now. they're trading 60% of the book right now. the market is telling the bank is too big and too disparate, and needs to be broken up to maximize shareholder value. they need to right size this bank. if the board got behind a intelligent business plan that a business person wanted to run this is a great opportunity for a real leader to come in and take this bank to the next stage.
5:23 pm
melissa: do you agree with that? go ahead. do you agree with that. >> that's a great point but the problem is we heard the chairman say no change in plan. >> i know. >> that will not resonate well with investors, don't you think? >> can't look it, the market made its judgment. 60% of the book? come on!. melissa: they're saying that they're not going to change course. they have changed the captain but we're sticking to the sail plan. are they stupid or lying? >> well, i think they're right now trying to put their finger, plug up the leak that they have got because they have just shown that they can't even manage a transition in the executive office. never mind can the board manage the company or come up with a strategic direction that makes sense. 55% that voted against the pay package for pandit, wasn't just a vote of no confidence on him t was a vote of no confidence on the strategy this board endorsed. this board better wake up or they will have bunch of share holder surprise. >> no change in strategy, stupid or lying? >> i will not make a
5:24 pm
judgment. i will quote dick bove, he believes, the quote he gave me, i'm still trying to grasp what he meant. he said internationalists have taken control of citi. if i understand him correctly and he talks about this, their plan for foreign markets is much more important for them than the united states. >> that would be bad news because they have had a terrible history of failures in the international markets. so the american taxpayers better look out. melissa: guys, thank you so much for your insight. we appreciate it. >> thanks, melissa. melissa: adam, later for spare change. don't go far. get a cookie in the hallway. stick around. >> i already had two. melissa: sanctions to iran are not just hitting close to home but they're going straight to iranian tv sets. we have details on that coming up next. president obama is throwing all of the above energy strategy into high gear but lawmakers think the timing is a little bit suspicious. we're going to explain that. do you have too much money or too many windmills?
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♪ . melissa: now on to iran. today the country's assume people leader, said the west won't bring iran to its knees but could turn out tv. a provider ended contract it iran, pulling state-owned tv channels right off the air. that will fix them. with me is the founder and president of american islamic forum for democracy. welcome to our show. i understand you were part of a coalition or board who did this elsewhere. where was that, and what was the impact? >> well in 2003 we got together with a coalition of against terrorist media that mark started and said the tv which was the iranian arm of
5:30 pm
hezbollah, hezbollah tv, that was advertising for terrorism and anti-western and anti-semitic speech and europe we were able to get french satellites to cancel that. through mark's leadership we were able to do that and it was very effective. this was a mechanism of radicalizing iranian ex-patriots and others elsewhere which glorified suicide bombing. today's move by the e.u. to further cut off media is a significant body blow and send as very clear message like we did in 2004. melissa: does it further isolate the iranians and does it isolate the people or does it isolate the government? >> i think it isolates the government. the people, the good people, the millions that were in the green revolution in 2009, i think need leadership from our white house to say that we got their back and we're behind them. but the government needs to be isolated. they're being isolated through monetary sanctions, through military sanctions and others and now we sse the communications sanctions
5:31 pm
because their bass as the on -- best asset on the ground when they want to threaten us is human asset communications. 19 station that is the eu tell sat they removed, is way to communicate with other iranian assets. melissa: isn't everybody on the internet? isn't that the way the whole arab spring got underway was on the internet and facebook? it may have a impact to pull the tv stations but everybody moves to the internet, right, if they're not there already? >> absolutely, melissa. that is the important part. it is much more symbolic. most of muslims i know have gizmos hooked up to the tv to watch internet tv and others that come from iran continue to stream in. the threat idealogical is still there but symbolicly you have the westelling them you have to freedom to spread your hate and violence and anti-western theory. head of irb from iran is on
5:32 pm
the sanction list. russia, by the way, an ally of iran, just kicked out our radio free liberty about folks, kicked out usaid. this is tit-for-tat. i think we're sending a clear message that their ideas of radicalism, remember the irb mission is to spread the supremacy of the islamic state throughout the world. >> hear what you're saying and i wonder, i ask this question every day. does this particular action do anything to stop iran from getting closer to a nucleer bomb? >> well i think obviously if we take the military issue off the table, it does not. i think they need to know this is a step that may lead in certain direction we're isolating them. they have to know that the military option is always on the table because these types of fascist, theocraticc3 fascists only respond to force, knowing the option of force is never being removed from the table as prime minister netanyahu and others said. melissa: economic pressure and sanctions and everything we've done, i don't know that it doesn't push them closer to getting a bomb be
5:33 pm
because they're getting angrier and it is their only response? isn't it backfiring? >> the last four years of obama anyone station this soft pedaling leading from behind emboldens them. i don't think there is much evidence to strong posturing, peace through strength would be more effective. >> okay. >> syria imploded because of our inability to do anything and iran and russia to allow them to destroy that population without any threat from america. melissa: doctor, thanks for coming on. >> thank you, melissa. melissa: energy permits galore from the obama administration but will it prove to be no walk? i love to know what they're eating on mars but does that deserve a one million dollar taxpayer research grant? i'm not sure about that. it is about government waste and we have "piles of money" and pepperoni coming up.
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melissa: in just the past week interior secretary ken salazar approved two major energy related projects. the first one was a new oil refinery, the first one in decades. he also approved the largest wind energy project ever in the united states, if not the world. with the election only three weeks away some lawmakers think the timing of these announcements is a little bit suspicious. to give me his take, we have congressman jeff denham, from the house natural resources committee. welcome to the show. do you think the tiling is little fishy on this, what do you think? >> fishy? it is well beyond suspicious. it is 21 days out. we've been pushing secretary salazar for well over a year and a half and they have continued to try to delay a lot of these projects that
5:39 pm
should have been moving three years ago. melissa: yeah. the oil refinery, let's start with that one. i don't care if it is efficiency think or not, we need it. if they're willing to do it i'm willing to give them credit for it. i'm afraid this is one of those fake, yeah we're going to do it but years and years away and it will get blocked 10 times by then, sort of like the xl pipeline. >> absolutely. this is years away. this is a good first step. this is something that has been delayed for three years. this was negotiated in 2003. the majority of the work was done under the bush administration. then it has been delayed now for three years. this is something that had we had the refinery online, not only would it help north dakota in their oil exploration that they have right now, but it would help relief the, this huge issue we have at the pump as across the nation by lowering gas prices. melissa: right. let's talk about this giant wind farm, which sort of drives me bananas. this timing also seems
5:40 pm
suspicious. i've gone out and done stories on wind turbines. you sit there and look at the meter is supposed to tell you how much energy this is generating. this is tells happens every time. it is a negative. uses more energy to keep it running than it is generating. these things don't work. it would be nice if they did but they don't. will this really happen and how do you feel about it? >> well, certainly they can work but the, the problem is it's just an expensive form of energy. this is another one where if the president really wants to get it done, there are regulations that he could wave. the epa regulations, national epa regulation, he could certainly wave those after they have done in other projects. if they really want to get them done show the american public that you will expedite them and get them done immediately, so we can have the impact being energy independent and moving towards that goal and also relieving the pain at the pump at the same time. melissa: let me ask you
5:41 pm
because you're on the committee for natural resources and you oversee a lot of public lands that could be used for drilling. the question keeps being asked and again and again. president obama says there is drilling going on more than four years ago. people respond, that is on private land, not public lands. we need to open up public lands. is that a fair response? you're on the committee. why aren't we opening up public lands? >> it is certainly a fair response the proof is showing a lot of projects on public land have been shut down. with the government owning a vast, in fact a huge majority of the land in california but across the nation, it is that public land that has a lot of the huge oil reserves. melissa: why is it not happening. >> oil shale and natural gas reserves we have to be willing to go out there and get. so the president certainly has had a hands-off approach on all of the public land, and there are private land where you have private individuals put up-front cost did you.
5:42 pm
melissa: but you're on the committee. don't you have the power to make it happen. >> they're actually going after that oil. melissa: you're on the committee. can you make it happen? >> we have. we have. we have not only given the states, states rights issues to go after oil in their states if they approve it, but we've also done a number about different bills to streamline the process. and had conveyance bills, everything from the keystone pipeline to other pipeline issues where we can actually move oil and gas throughout the nation. part of the challenge we have here in california is right now we're 70 to 80 cents more per gallon than the average across the nation. melissa: don't mean to interrupt you. we're out of time. i don't want to get you go out asking you. you say you're on the committee. you're pushing for it. why isn't happening? what is the holdup? >> we have a huge number about bills sitting in the senate. all the president has to do is ask his friend harry reid to send him the bills and he can immediately approve them. melissa: congressman, thanks for coming on the show. we appreciate your time. >> thank you.
5:43 pm
melissa: time for the fuel gauge, the biggest headlines affecting the energy industry and their impact on the economy. first up, another one bites the dust. a123 systems declares bankruptcy. we told you how the electric car battery maker had gotten a $249 million grant from the government. that's your money. used $132 million of those fund before collapsing. it is unclear how much money you're going to get back as taxpayers. sunpower temporarily shutting down half of its production line. the solar panel company based in the silicon valley will lay off 900 workers. the company blames poor industry conditions for the move. murphy oil will spin off the refining business. shhres leaping on the news. they will give a special different din and buy back shares. german chancellor angela merkel defending attacks to fund green energy. a 47% tax was announced.
5:44 pm
merkel said it will play a key role to have germany transition to renewable energy alliance. >> what do caviar, super bowl attendees and extraterrestrial pizza have in common? they're getting a pile of your u.s. taxpayer dollars. the absurd details from the washington waste list. at the end of the day it is all about your money in. ♪ . [ mujahid ] there was a little bit of trepidation, not ite knowing what the next phase was going to be, you know, because you been, you know, this is what y had been doing. you know, working, working, working, working, working, working. and now you're talking about, well you know, i won't be, and i get the chance to spend more time with my wife and my kids. it's my world. that's my world. ♪
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melissa: so it is that time of year again. senator coburn releasing his annual washington waste list, outlining the 100 most egregious ways the government is wasting your tax dollars. we've gone through the list. we picked out the most absurd abuses. joining me is fox's rich edson. this would be hysterical if it wasn't my money. let's get to it. moroccan pottery, this is most expense. the translator couldn't translate. materials couldn't be found in morocco. what was this program. >> it was part of a government program, the u.s. agency for international development, part of a $27 million program. not the entire program. but it was to teach folks
5:49 pm
how to develop things abroad. so a key part of the projeet involved training moroccans training and to design pottery to sell international markets. one thing you mentioned. guy didn't speak english. it didn't translate. this is my favorite part of the report. americans went there to teach moroccans about making pottery, where moroccans have been making pottery since the 6th century ad. they know how to do it. melissa: i can see problems with that one. the martian pizza really caught my attention. we're trying to figure out how to eat pizza on mars or feed the aliens pizza on mars. i'm not sure we have aliens there. we're not on mars. so what the focus on pizza? >> we're not on mars, or sending pizza to mars, but if we doesn't bring them food they might come here. that is actually a better program. melissa: i like that. >> you can volunteer. six volunteers will go into a barren landscape in hawaii
5:50 pm
to simulate a 120 day mission to mars and paid 5 grand each. i think my debit card went the other way when i went to hawaii. melissa: i might volunteer to go to hawaii to eat pizza. speaking of eating things, there was a caviar program the government is spending billions on food tam stop stamps for people that can't buy food. why are we turning around spending money on caviar? i don't understand. >> promoting domestic industry. this is part of a $300,000 agriculture department industry. this is something domestic industry do all the time. not saying caviar is right but done all throughout the department of agriculture and done throughout american business. >> the problem, caviar sells as much as $400 a ounce. seems like there is margin in there to support your own industry. that is the problem with something like this in my book. is there any margin or is the caviar market so
5:51 pm
competitive and tight, tight? there is so much arbitrage in the caviar market? >> think that's it. producing it, your profit margins are real thin in the caviar. melissa: i don't know. free rides to the super bowl, we are unsure about this. if you can afford super bowl tickets can't you figure out how to get there or what's the deal? >> buck 75 bus fare they charge in indianapolis. this was part of a department of transportation grant. great super bowl, i might add, giants beat the patriots in indianapolis. they wanted free bus rides for the folks to and from the events downtown. department of transportation stepped in and gave $100,000 so people wouldn't have to pay ride after bus fare. average price after super bowl ticket according to one report, $3,000. melissa: oh. energy app wouldn't would be a good idea. it is already out there. you have to go to itunes to get it. rich edson, this is atrocious. again this is my money so it's not funny.
5:52 pm
thanks for coming on. >> thanks, melissa. melissa: it is a daring highs that would make thomas crown jealous. thieves make off with picasso and monet paintings from a famous museum. look at that. it's empty. you can't have too much money. ♪ ♪
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♪ melissa: time for spare change. we have author and radio talk show goddess. we have our very own god, adam. did you get the cookies? first up, a major archive, seven paintings from a dutch museum were stolen in the middle of the night. the paintings rippedded off, and obviously, worth hundreds of millions probably. impossible to sell them in the market; right? what's the point. you have to hide it or sell it for a fraction of the value. >> there's a whole black market of wealthy people who just want to possess it, dr. evil, and not letting anyone else know. melissa: they don't have to pay top dollar? >> well, look, there's a market, it's the black market, but there's a market for this thing which is why you hear about
5:57 pm
these brazen ripoffs of these pieces from museums. the museums freak out because they are to have locked down and tight security. >> you know, you see them responding, you want to painting back? pay up. >> they love the paintings, so they go to a couple different before they end up at these. melissa: just walk out of the museum? all right. next one, so in 2009, the onion story about vice president biden washing a 1981 pontiac, and now there's a group of soul purpose raised enough money to buy biden the car. they need $25,000. okay. if they reach their goal, they
5:58 pm
want a picture of joe with the car before it's auctioned off for charity. do you think they reach their goal? would you add money to this? 25,000. >> don't you love that? when they ran the piece, biden loved it. cracked him up, he was into it. if he's still vice president, he has to claim that as a gift and will have to pay taxes on it. >> he's going to need somethinged -- something to do, drive across the country. melissa: okay. an atm employee of a service company is charged with failing to service the machines and filling them with fake cash. they were able to distinguish most fake bills from the real ones. what would you do if you went to the atm you got that money? >> approach the atm, and it's
5:59 pm
like a scene 2001 space odyssey. good afternoon, you may not have any money. melissa: yeah, i don't know. they were stealing the money and >> interesting they chose manhattan to do this because we're in such a rush in the city. when i go to one, i put the card in over get the cash. i never look at the cash. crazy. >> sometimes the machine shortchanges you. it shows up eventually at the end of the night. melissa: happened to you? >> it happened. the machine can make a mistake. melissa: all right. talk about dumb luck. one man found a diamond panning for gold in a friend's well. i don't know why he was panning for gold in a friend's well. don't focus on that. he found a diamond of


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